Data protection policy/terms and conditions of use

Jobzone is committed to protecting the personal integrity of those visiting our websites and using our services. This informational text provides in-depth information about how we use and protect your data, as well as your rights.

We also wish to brief users of our website and our services on any upcoming changes that expand our duty to disclose information in accordance with the data protection regulations. We will send such briefings to the email address you provide when you sign up.

You are welcome to use our website and our services as often as you please. By using the website and our services, you agree to the terms and conditions of use. Below are the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the Jobzone’s website and our services, the latter of which are partly automated and partly manual. Jobzone has the right to remove your data and profile if the information you provide is not in accordance with the terms and conditions of use, as described here.

Personal data
Jobzone adheres to the current regulations regarding personal data. You do not need to register or transmit data about yourself except when you specifically wish to apply for one or more positions, but the more completely you fill out your profile, the more positions we can match you with.

Jobzone Norway AS (PO Box 4542, Nydalen, 0404 Oslo) is responsible for processing your personal data. The purpose of Jobzone’s processing of your personal data is to provide a digital recruitment service. The legal basis for Jobzone’s processing of your personal information is Article 6, no. 1B of the GDPR (data required to fulfil a contractual agreement).

You have the right to inspect which personal data (about you) are in Jobzone’s possession. Erroneous or misleading information will be corrected or deleted at your request. If you disagree with the content of the data, you also have the right to limit our use of said data for a certain period of time. You have the right to know where the data come from and to whom they are communicated. In the instance of automated decisions, you also have the right to demand human intervention. As of the date on which the EU's new data protection regulation takes effect in Norway, you also have the right to have your personal data ported. If you wish to exercise your rights, you can contact Erik Dølven at Jobzone Norway AS. You also have the right to file complaints about the improper use of personal data with the Data Protection Authority.

Your can request that your profile (and thus your personal data) be deleted at any time. Pursuant to the Working Environment Act, if you have received one or more work assignments through Jobzone after 01.01.2010, you are to be considered as employed by Jobzone even after the assignment is completed, until such time as you personally terminate the employment relationship. If you wish to delete your profile after you completed your assignment with us, that means that you also terminate the formal employment relationship – you will also receive a reminder of this fact when you request deletion. The Taxation Act, the Act on Employer Reporting of Employment, etc. require us to store information related to wages, taxes, pension, etc for five to ten years after the employment relationship has ended. Moreover, we follow HR Norway's guidelines regarding data related to employment relationships.
How Jobzone’s services work, and how they use personal data
By signing up, you can apply to available positions with Jobzone and employers who use our services to find new employees. You can apply for a single position or post an open application by signing up and filling out your profile.

In order to help you fulfil your wishes regarding employment, your information will be stored and processed in Jobzone’s internal computer systems. The system will match the skills and experience requirements for a specific position with the information you have entered in your profile about your skills and experience.
If you only apply for a single position, you can choose whether you want to be considered for other positions as well.

Who has access to the information?
You are the one who registers, updates, and deletes your personal information in our database, and you are solely responsible for ensuring that the information you enter is correct and updated.

We encourage everyone who is registered to regularly update their user profile, so that we have the correct information at all times. Jobzone’s employees who work with placing and recruiting temps have access to your data, and in order to be able to introduce job seekers to potential employers, it is necessary to disclose your registered data to our clients. We will never disclose details from the personality-/aptitude or work tests to our clients without your consent, but they will receive a summary and the results will be included as part of the overall assessment.

When assignments/positions that match your expertise and experience become available, we will present the client with a selection of the most qualified candidates for the position in question. Our clients will also be able to search in our database for candidates, unless the candidate/job seeker only wished to apply for a specific position and opts not to be matched with other positions/assignments.
In connection with IT operations and service launches, and in connection with wages/taxes/pensions, we use subcontractors that may need to process your relevant personal data. In such cases, we make sure that the providers are subject to contract mechanisms that ensure the protection of your personal data. To fulfil Jobzone’s legal obligations, we also share personal data with government authorities.

Storage time
Your personal data is stored for two years from the date on which the job seeker/user inputs the data (basic data). Thereafter, consent is required for longer storage – you will be asked if you wish to remain registered in our systems.
In accordance with the Accounting Act, the Taxation Act, and the Act on Employer Reporting of Employment and Income Conditions, data related to financial transactions with the client/employer and the payment of remuneration when you have been employed through Jobzone are stored for five to ten years. We follow HR Norway's guidelines for the storage of personal data.
The transmission of personal data to third parties
We do not transmit personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA

Jobzone is not liable for any errors that may occur on this website. Jobzone is not liable for any loss, costs or other consequences that may arise in relation to your use of this website.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that the information you register is correct and valid. You have full responsibility for all the information you register on the website and in our systems.

Jurisdiction and disputes
The use of this website and our recruitment system and all any contractual agreements that occur via our website shall be made in accordance with Norwegian legislation.

Changes to the terms and conditions
Jobzone has the right to amend these terms and conditions where necessary. In the event of changes to the terms and conditions, we will inform you about the changes and what they mean via the email address you have registered with us, so that you have the opportunity to decide whether you wish to continue to use our services.

Each user must identify him/herself in order to gain access to his/her user profile. Login information consists of a user name and password. The password must contain both numbers and letters.
All information you enter with us will be encrypted. It is not permitted to in any way perform actions that risk compromising the security of applications or the Personal Data Act's provisions on stored data.

Does it cost anything?
As a user, you may register and submit applications via our website free of charge.