Let us do your recruiting

When you need help recruiting a permanent employee, we can handle the whole process from the job listing to appointment.

This saves you time, but also ensures that the recruitment process is handled by impartial professionals with long-standing experience of the recruitment and staffing industry.

Here is a brief description of our recruitment process and approach:

  • Initial job analysis –We always start with a job analysis to ensure that we are searching for the right qualifications, skills and personal attributes in the applicant pool. This allows us to define the key duties entailed by the position, and, not least, gives us a general impression of what counts most for the position you wish to fill.
  • Comprehensive candidate searches – We search Jobzone’s proprietary database, but also advertise the position on relevant forums and platforms. LinkedIn is also a key resource for us. We handle the calls from potential applicants, and we manage the applicant longlist and shortlist. We screen all applications and CVs methodically, and we select likely candidates for interview.
  • Pre-employment tests – As and when appropriate, depending on the results of the job analysis and in consultation with you as the contracting client, we carry out various applicant aptitude tests before conducting interviews. This aids the process of pinpointing the best-qualified candidates. Learn more about pre-employment tests and job-simulation tests
  • Interview rounds – We also handle the applicant interviews for you. By interviewing applicants, we get to know them better, and can inform them about the contracting client and the job contents. We create a template in advance for the interview, which might be structured or semi-structured, adapted for the position to be filled.
  • Candidate ranking – After the interview round, we rank the candidates and present the short-listed candidates to you.
  • Final interview – The final interview follows the same structure for all the candidates and is based on the job analysis. This is when we assess, jointly with you, which of the short-listed candidates are the best fit for the position in question. In some cases, we set the candidates a job-simulation test as part of the interview.
  • Reference checks – The final stage in the process is where we verify applicant references. We check references and work histories by putting precise and relevant questions to each referee, based on the job analysis and the results of interviews and any pre-employment tests.

By following this process, we ensure that you find the right candidate: the individual who will be a good fit for the position and help to grow your organisation.

Would you like to discuss recruitment with us or need help with a final assessment? Send us a general inquiry or contact a member of staff at your nearest local Jobzone office.