Cookie policy/cookies

Jobzone may use cookies to collect non-personally identifiable information that is related to the use of our websites and services. We do this to improve the user experience and to enable us to develop new services that are useful to you.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that store information on laptops, mobile phones, or other devices. 

Among other things, cookies are used to make things easier for you. For example:

  • They remember your login information, so you do not need to enter it every time you log in
  • They help us to understand which parts of our services and our websites are the most visited, and this information makes it easier for us to customise our website and our services so that they are of most benefit to you
  • They help us to provide you with relevant content and marketing (for example, via social media platforms) by collecting information about how you use our websites/ services and other sites/apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • They help us to understand which ads you may have seen, so that we can show you the ads that are most relevant to you

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In general, you can set up your browser to accept all cookies, to reject all cookies, or to notify you when a cookie is being sent. Please note that some of our features/services may be set up to use cookies, and therefore it may not be possible to use, or certain parts of them, if you disable cookies.

There are different types of cookies. The following is a description of the different cookies we may use on the website or which we may use in the future on in order to be able to give you the best possible user experience and develop new services that you may find useful.

  • Usability cookies: We use these for internal purposes to improve the website and your user experience
  • Strictly necessary cookies: Some cookies are strictly necessary in order for you to be able to navigate and take advantage of the various functions of the site
    • Functionality cookies: These allow the website to remember which choices you make (for example, language settings, user names, or geographical area) so that the website and services are customised according to your needs
    • Personalisation and analytics cookies: These save your visit to the website, which pages you have visited and which links you have clicked on


We may develop new services in the future that involve the use of other technologies for local storage, e.g., local storage with HTML5. These are stored on your device and may store information about activities and settings.


We may also make use of technologies (such as pixels) that send information from your device to a server. These pixels may be integrated into content on the web (such as videos and emails) and can allow a server to read a certain type of information from your device, to know when you have seen a particular type of content or a special email, the time and date you viewed the content containing the pixel, and the IP address of your device. This is used for various things that are intended to help give you the best possible service and user experience, e.g., to analyse your use of our website and services and to deliver content, services, and in some cases advertising that is of greater relevance to you. 

By using the website and our services, you consent to the storage of cookies and other technologies for local storage on your devices, permit us to access to said devices, and consent to the storage of personal data for the purposes described above. 

You can also read our data protection policy and terms and conditions of use here.