About Jobzone Norway

Our vision is to be the best employer in the staffing industry. No matter whether you are an employees or a client, our goal is to always be available when you need us. Therefore, each client and temp is assigned his/her own personal contact person at Jobzone, who is highly familiar with their needs, requirements and wishes. Jobzone was founded in 2002 by Tom Rune Graarud and Øyvind Henriksen. Jobzone is nationwide and has more than 30 local offices with more than 150 employees.

We know your local environment

Jobzone has over 30 local offices throughout Norway that can provide broad expertise in staffing and recruitment. We are organised according to a franchise model, in which local offices are locally owned, and our consultants are either owners or partners.

This model creates a strong sense of ownership and is an extra motivation to ensure that we keep our clients and employees happy. Good knowledge of the local business community and labour market enables us to make quick decisions and find good solutions tailored to you and your business, and it makes it easier to find the right position for our candidates. All our local offices demonstrate a strong and visible commitment to the local community.

You can contact us at any time for an informal and non-binding chat – you can find your nearest Jobzone office here.

We want to be the best employer we can be

We care about our staff. Jobzone places great emphasis on the role of the employer, and it subscribes to the notion that clients will prefer the staffing company that is most attractive to job seekers and temps.

Jobzone is also a “Redivert Arbeidsgiver”. This means that we are a member of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NFO) Service and are subject to external audits of our professionalism as an employer.

In addition, we are keen to engage in many social and professional activities with our employees, because we believe that this is important to fostering a sense of belonging, confidence and commitment.

Everyone at Jobzone contributes to a good working environment and follows our code of ethics.