Our corporate social responsibility

Jobzone has a strong local presence with more than 40 offices nationwide in Norway, and we embrace our corporate social responsibility in the communities we operate in. We know that our commitment to social responsibility goes beyond supporting local communities, which is why we are present in several arenas, large and small, nationwide in Norway.


Åpenhetsloven stiller krav til hvordan vi som selskap skal foreta aktsomhetsvurderinger med offentlig tilgjengelige redegjørelser. Et vesentlig element i lovverket er informasjonskravet, som krever åpenhet om de aktuelle temaene. Det innebærer redegjøring av det arbeidet vi gjør for å sikre grunnleggende menneskerettigheter og anstendige arbeidsforhold i alle ledd av vår virksomhet.

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Redegjørelse åpenhetsloven 2023

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Ved å ha en klar miljøprofil og løpende fokus på miljørelaterte faktorer i hele konsernets verdikjede, skal Jobzone fremstå som en troverdig og foretrukket samarbeidspartner og arbeidsgiver - samtidig som vi bidrar til positive miljøeffekter.

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Local presence

The strength of our business is our connection and place in the local community through franchisees who live in the same place they work. Jobzone has 40 offices up and down Norway, from remote islands to the deepest forests. We are close to our surrounding community, and we care what happens there. We readily invest our own time and efforts in local projects and events.

Because many of us at Jobzone are into sport and athletics, a lot of our support benefits both local athletics teams and national athletics talents. In addition, we back everything from local charitable causes to amateur dramatics and marching bands. The main aim for us is to promote positive activities for the public good in a community.

We care

There are many community change agents in Norway – people who volunteer their time and efforts for others. We want to promote and back these individuals because we care about the work they do. This is why we confer an annual personal achievement award annually on many community change agents, in addition to our national Jobzone award. We make these awards as part of Raushetsaksjonen, our local and national community engagement appeal.

Jobzone cheers on the talents

Norwegians generally are keen on sports and athletics – and not least those of us who work at Jobzone. We support many sports and athletics activities locally and nationally.

Jobzone is one of the main sponsors of Holmenkollstafetten, Norway's largest athletics event by the number of participants. We compete with several teams; some with Jobzone employees, and some teams with many of the great temporary employees who are out working for our clients every day.

We are also the official lead sponsor of the Bislett Games, an annual event that attracts the world elite in track and field events. At Bislett Stadion, we also have our own “Jobzone Bend”, where we cheer on all the brilliant athletes.