The right person in the right place

Whether you need contingent staff or permanent staff at Jobzone we work to a set of standard principles in all of our recruitment services.

We find the right staff for you, regardless of occupation, position or duration. We have a comprehensive database of candidates that we search in, and over the course of 2018 will also be implementing machine-learning to make our searches as targeted as possible.

But regardless of the type and duration of the vacancy, we always work to a quality-assured process to find the right candidate for you.

We map your need

When the need arises for a new hire or employee, for a short-term contract or permanent position, you will probably know the type of person you need in terms of qualifications, skills and abilities. For us, it is even more important to pin-point the purpose of the position. What work tasks does the position entail? What is the main task? What are the critical success criteria? What results are to be accomplished?

These are just some of the questions we ask when we perform an initial job analysis. This is our prime resource for finding the right person for you and your organisation. Because when we have defined the job description in full, it is much easier to define the type of person you need.

We know the market

Sometimes the best candidates may be where you least expect to find them.

That’s where Jobzone comes in. We have a large database of contingent staff and candidates, and we quality-assure them through interviews, and we map their skills and check their references. We know that time is often at issue, so our database is designed to allow us to efficiently match your requirements and job description with relevant candidates in our system.

You will be assigned a dedicated Jobzone agent, who combines local knowledge with formal recruitment expertise.

We search far and wide

In addition to performing targeted searches in our own networks and databases, we can also advertise your position on relevant platforms such as, in social media, trade journals etc. It’s all about finding the most competent and motivated candidates to give you peace of mind and the right person for the job.

Jobzone recruits people in all sectors and representing all occupations.

Would you like to talk to someone about our contingent and permanent staffing services? Send us a general inquiry or contact a member of staff at your nearest local Jobzone office.