Do you need contingent staff?

If you need a temporary or short-term hire, we are here to help you solve your workforce gap as soon as possible.

If you need someone at short notice, we can help you, and we have a large database for running candidate searches in. If you need a temporary worker same day or tomorrow, we know in no time who is eligible in terms of qualifications, experience and availability.

We have the employer responsibility

All staff and workers are employed by us and leased to you as the contracting client. This means that Jobzone takes the full employer-side responsibility. We verify all the references and documents, and we follow up on contingent staff when they are out working for you, as our client. Simply and effectively.

Our mission is to be the best employer to our contingent staff, which benefits you as the contracting client because it ensures that people from us are happy to be working for you.

This is the process we follow when you need contingent staff:

  • Simplified job analysis – Run the first time you use our services. This tells us exactly what types of work tasks need to be done, and the skills and abilities the position requires. If you need a temporary employee for the same position later, we know what’s required.
  • Review of our proprietary database – We know that in many cases there’s a rush to get the position filled, which is why we have created our own comprehensive database to rapidly match your requirements with job-seeker qualifications, skills and experience. Many candidates have worked for us previously, so we know their fit for different work setups. If we don’t find the right match in our own database, we extend the search to relevant networks and platforms.
  • Interviews –Most of the contingent workforce in our database have already been interviewed by us, meaning that they can rapidly be assigned to you at short notice. If you have more time, and we find candidates we haven’t talked to before, we interview likely candidates before presenting them to you.

Would you like to talk to us about contingent staffing? Send us a general inquiry or contact a member of staff at your nearest local Jobzone office.