Final assessment of candidates

Final assessment, candidate assessment, third-party assessment – the process goes by many names. For Jobzone, it’s about helping you to make the right decision in an appointment process.

The typical starting point for a final assessment is when you and your company have completed a recruitment process of job listing, application screening and interviewing, and have narrowed the candidates down to one or more. But then comes the nagging doubt – who is the ideal employee for you and the company as a whole?

At that point, you will benefit from the advice and assistance of an impartial third party – and that’s where Jobzone comes into the picture.

How we assist you with final assessments:

  • Job analysis – A job analysis defines the key tasks entailed by the position, and gives us a realistic basis for assessing candidates.
  • Pre-employment testing – We test the candidate(s) with reference to the personal attributes, and, in some cases, the skills and abilities that count most for the position you wish to fill. As and when appropriate, we also conduct job simulation tests. Learn more about pre-employment tests and job-simulation tests 
  • Interviews – We review the results of the pre-employment tests with each applicant in a structured or semi-structured interview, and map their qualifications based on the criteria determined by the job analysis.
  • Final report – Based on a comprehensive assessment, we write a report for you as the contracting client, in which we rank the candidates by their strengths and weaknesses for the position to be filled. In most cases, we also give you an oral summary with the written report, to give you the best basis for selecting the right person for the job. 

Would you like to discuss recruitment with us or need help with a final assessment? Send us a general inquiry or contact a member of staff at your nearest local Jobzone office.