How we recruit people

Whether you need contingent staff  or permanent staff, at Jobzone we work to a set of standard principles in all of our recruitment services.

Job analysis

We always perform a job analysis, regardless of the position to be filled.

The job analysis tells us more about what type of individual you need, and gives us a solid basis for running the search itself – we need to know what the candidate should be good at, in order to find the right match for you.

A job analysis ensures that:

  • We define the key demands of the position
  • We map the qualifications, skills, experience and personal attributes of your ideal candidate

Pre-employment tests and final assessment

In a recruitment process, testing candidate skills and abilities is often a given.

Many of our consultants are certified to use DNV GL-accredited testing tools. If appropriate for the process, we carry out personality tests and/or psychometric tests. If required, we can also conduct job-simulation tests. Learn more about pre-employment tests and job-simulation tests.

Do you already have one or two candidates on hand, but are unsure of the best choice? Jobzone can conduct an impartial final assessment of the candidates for you, and in that way, help you make the right choice.

Would you like to talk to someone about our contingent and permanent staffing services? Send us a general inquiry or contact a member of staff at your nearest local Jobzone office.